Croissants cooled by the vacuum cooler


To introduce Vacuum Cooling and Baking in the production process we have created a variety of high-end solutions. Quality products made to match the client’s requirements. Our portfolio includes smaller batch systems and tailor-made solutions for the semi- and continuous production of food products.

Artisanal / Batch systems

Vacuum Cooling and Baking is introduced at artisanal bakeries where product improvement is an evident part of the focus. Stability, taste, look and a longer shelf life are improved and the production process is shortened. Solutions vary from ‘standard’ batch chambers to semi-continuous production systems.

Vacuum Cooling & Baking Solutions

Industrial /Continuous systems

In industrial bakeries Vacuum Cooling and Baking has been introduced at innovative partners who produce on a global scale. The solutions we offer are versatile and made to measure. Systems are developed and adapted to the requirements of the client and engineered to optimize the individual circumstances in the production.

Vacuum Cooling & Baking Solutions