Test Bakery

To ensure the best results from Vacuum Cooling and Baking, the combination of the best technique, superior technology knowledge and last but not least the choice for the best matching recipe are vital. We are happy to share our experiences with you and to test your product while using our latest technology.


Our skilled and experienced master bakers know how to work together with you on improvement of your end result. To enable this, we need your input and want to learn about your requirements. Your recipe is the basis. This is what you have worked on for long and this is your pride. While testing we will discover the best match between your recipe and the use of Vacuum Cooling and Baking. In cases we have suggested some adjustments on recipe details to establish an even better quality. 


It is our goal to partner with you, and to bring bakery products to the next level, exceeding your quality requirements. Would you like to carry out a test in collaboration with our master bakers in our test bakery? Contact us today and discover the possibilities.