The V-Team (Vacuum Cooling & Baking Team) consists of specialists on technology and technique. Skilled and equipped to assist you in your Vacuum Cooling and Baking Strategy.


Our ambassadors

Patrick Duss, pioneering ‘mr Vacuum’

“Vacuum Cooling is the future technology for every baking process”

One of the pioneers introducing the principle to the bakery industry is the Swiss Patrick Duss*, also known as ‘mr Vacuum’. He joined the Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family in 2014 and is ambassador for the Vacuum Cooling and Baking Company and lectures at the Vacuum Cooling and Baking Academy.


Growing up in a 4-generation Bakery and Pastry family in Switzerland. As a skilled Bakery and Pastry Chef he ran his parent’s company until the end of the 80’s. After selling the company he studied marketing and later economics. In the early 2000’s he gets contacted with the undeveloped Vacuum Technology. He founded Aston Foods and becomes the pioneer in Vacuum Cooling. 2012 he sold the company.

Chris Vreugdenhil, 3 Star Baker

“The difference between Good and Perfect

Together with his brother Gerard, Chris Vreugdenhil represents the fourth generation of a famous bakery family. receiving various National and International awards.


The brothers are adopting their father’s policy: ‘You don’t always need more, but you can always do better.’ With the introduction of Vacuum Cooling and Baking in their production process they achieved a bigger return on the same investment. Total control of the Vacuum technique creates revolutionary opportunities to the baking process. ‘It leads to impressive product improvements. Products get crunchier, yet more tender and at the same time it brings substantial savings to energy consumption, production time and space.’